Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

I finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn last week on the beach in Uruguay – or rather, in the hostel over the course of a couple of rainy days. It’s a thriller that tells the story of Nick and his wife, Amy, who suddenly goes missing on their fifth anniversary. Clues left around the house, as well as Nick’s offhand manner and persistent lying, lead the police to name him as their prime suspect. The book is written in first person but tells two stories – that of Nick and his reaction to the case, and secondly that of Amy in the years and days leading up to her disappearance. After a few good twists and turns we find that everything is not as it seems, and the case turns from simple murder case to something a lot more sinister – I won’t ruin the ending for you – which had me crying out ‘oh my god!’ and ‘no way!’ a fair few times. Its a page turner for sure and it’s definitely a good book if you want an exciting read.

P.S. I just saw the film – the book is a lot better! As the book is written in first person the film misses out a lot of detailed character building, as well as of course a few scenes and a couple of characters.


3 thoughts on “Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

    1. Definitely! What I loved about the book was that you were literally inside the characters’ heads, something which was completely absent in the film. I agree with you about the actors too; I wasn’t convinced by the actor who played Nick at all!


      1. Yeah, I’ve seen Ben Affleck in a few things and I’ve never really been impressed. I’ve heard he’s a good director though. Amy’s motivations in the film seemed so much more inscrutable than in the book (as did Nick’s.)

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