Dubliners – James Joyce


Dubliners is, of course, a classic, written by one of the most famous authors of the 20th century, James Joyce. The book is made up of fifteen short stories; fifteen snapshots into people’s lives. I didn’t notice myself but none of the stories have a happy ending; rather, all of the characters experience hardship, betrayal, broken promises and hearts, or even death. Despite the bleakness that that evokes, it’s hard not to recognise the characters and to see something of yourself written. The stories delve into moments of intense despair, crisis and personal reflection – which I’m sure we’ve all experienced, and I guess that’s what makes this book timeless. The book also gives an interesting insight into the Irish nationalist movement and how it affected people lives differently (relevant perhaps to the current movement in Scotland).

Definitely a must read! A little hard to get into but now that I’ve managed to get through and enjoy this one I’m more inclined to try his other, more difficult, novels.


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