I decided to start a blog about books after my boyfriend made several jokes about me devouring them by the second. I have always loved to read and a gift of a Kindle last year by said boyfriend has done nothing if not exponentially increase the number of books I read (at first I was sceptical about digital  reading, but have grown to love it. That said, a well worn paperback sometimes just can’t be beaten). I’ve been lucky enough to have read some fantastic books – lucky because I’ve had the time to read this year, as a busy lifestyle of work or studying can definitely come in the way of reading, lucky because my mum always encouraged us to read when we were children, so much so that reading has become a habit and a part of life for me, and lucky to have a Kindle so that I can read whatever I want whenever or wherever I am. I wanted to create a blog about books, firstly just to have a record of what I’ve read (I’m awful with names and remembering titles and authors, as well as characters names, is just a nightmare) and secondly I wanted to share all of the good books I’ve read! It’s sometimes hard to know what to read and I’ve often referred to other peoples blogs to find good books so I thought I’d return the favour.

I’m going to start off with a list of some of my favourite books, and then I’ll post everytime I finish a book (should be about once every week or two). If you have questions about any of the books I post or my opinions of them then please feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll reply as soon as possible! Also – recommendations are of course always welcome!

Happy reading!


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